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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Combat Arms unveils the KRISS

Item Description

Firearm developed for military and police forces, chambered specifically for .45 ACP rounds. Its unique operating mechanism is designed to provide stability by absorbing recoil when firing.

“This thing fires at a rate faster than Madden fanboys crashing the main entrance of a midnight launch event. From the sounds of things and after watching the video, you probably don’t want to be set up in a military formation that resembles a ten-pin bowling pin placement"

Item Cost

1 Day1,200 GP
7 Days5,880 GP
30 Days23,400 GP
90 Days64,800 GP


Sergeant First Class II


Anonymous said...

Do you own a firearm?

McScrooge said...

Name said...


ballet said...

Stuff And Hints said...

This looks like a killer!

Love_techno said...

Combat Arms unveils the KRISS FTW