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Monday, August 30, 2010

Additional Login Rewards

All you have to do is log in each day, and at the end of each week you will receive great rewards!

Each week begins on Wednesday, and the rewards for the upcoming week will be announced on the preceding Monday.

This four week event begins today, August 25th, so start logging in! You don't want to miss out!

*Week 1*

   Log in the game once per day


Each day from Wednesday, August 25th to Tuesday, August 31st

   *Note - You must log in each day during the event period to qualify


   100% GP Passes x 10 + 100% EXP Passes x 10

*Week 2*
What: Log in the game once per day

When: Each day from Wednesday, September 1st to Tuesday, September 7th

Announced Monday, August 30th

*Week 3*
What: Log in the game once per day

When: Each day from Wednesday, September 8th to Tuesday, September 14th

Announced Tuesday, September 6th

*Week 4*
What: Log in the game once per day

When: Each day from Wednesday,  September 15th to Tuesday, September 21st

Announced Monday, September 13th

--Combat Arms Command--

FREE GP Login Event!

Attention Soldiers!
We thought you could use a little variety in your battle! From Tuesday, August 31st at 12:00 am PDT until Friday, September 3rd at 11:59 pm PDT, instead of the usual Daily Login Reward, you'll receive a 1,000 GP for logging in! This reward can be found in your inbox and will expire 1 hour after you log in, so don’t forget to activate it.

What to do: 
      Log into the game each day
What you get: 

      1,000 GP per day (up to 4,000 GP!)


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The One Man Army Match Event

What to do:

   Complete 15, 25 and 40 matches of One Man Army

When to do it:

   Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can do it each day!

What you can get each day:

   15 completed OMA matches (in one day) -- 1-day KDR / HP Vision

   25 completed OMA matches (in one day) -- 1-day Double Barrel Punisher

   40 completed OMA matches (in one day) -- 1-day Recon Vest

As soon as you complete 15, 25 or 40 matches any day this weekend, you'll get the appropriate rewards immediately your inbox. Don't see it in your inbox? Try changing servers and look again. Still don't see it? Make sure you actually completed 15, 25 or 40 matches!
And don’t forget, all One Man Army matches this weekend have a +30% GP Bonus!

On Sunday, enjoy an additional +50% EXP and +50% GP Bonus on all servers, for all game modes.

So get some GP and get all 3 rewards each day!

--Combat Arms Command-- 

Good Luck

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Combat Arms Kriss SpecOps Gameplay

Combat Arms unveils the KRISS

Item Description

Firearm developed for military and police forces, chambered specifically for .45 ACP rounds. Its unique operating mechanism is designed to provide stability by absorbing recoil when firing.

“This thing fires at a rate faster than Madden fanboys crashing the main entrance of a midnight launch event. From the sounds of things and after watching the video, you probably don’t want to be set up in a military formation that resembles a ten-pin bowling pin placement"

Item Cost

1 Day1,200 GP
7 Days5,880 GP
30 Days23,400 GP
90 Days64,800 GP


Sergeant First Class II

The F2000 Gameplay

New Weapon Out F2000 - 1,100 GP / 1 Day

Friday, August 27, 2010

Post A Youtube Video For Nx Prizes

Take A Look At The New Custom Reticle Type 3. Only 1500 nx

The New Weapon Of The Week

Combat Arms Facebook Event

Listen up, Soldiers. 
We received direct orders from Central Command to extend the allotted time given for the Facebook 150k mission.  It seems that the higher ups have decided to reward your diligent efforts with 2 more days, meaning, you now have until August 30, 2010. Use this time wisely soldiers, we still need to enlist roughly 4.5k more recruits in a short amount of time.  

In addition, we have intercepted intel that goes into more details regarding your 200k mission rewards.  Please remember that this is sensitive information:

Mission:  200k Facebook fans by October 15, 2010-08-26

Reward: PERMANENT L96A1 for 200,000 GP

Combat Arms Video Feature

New Video Recording Feature:

Step 1 – Set your video capture settings

Step 2 – Choose a video recording format

Step 3 – Begin recording by pressing the Page Down key (or whichever key you set recording to)

Step 4 – Stop recording by pressing the Page Down key again.

Step 5 – Review your video. You will find it in your Combat Arms folder.

Earn Free Nx For Doing Surveys

Like the title says earn free NX for doing surveys. 

NX is the cash currency used in Combat Arms to buy the best guns available exclusively.
Giving your cellphone number or completing paid offers get you the most.
All surveys ask for email addresses so make a alternative if you don't like spam.
Avoid using personal information. 
Some surveys are only available to the United States.
Dont use firefox, it loads an error.
Follow The Link Below To Get Started
Click Here

Combat Arms wutwut

Attention Soldiers!
This was one helluva week, starting off with the latest Content Update, which included a new map, new weapons and a new user interface. We were honored to bring you the highly anticipated and grimiest map yet, Dredge.  After thoroughly reviewing reports from the field, we are pleased to find that upon inspection, most of you found the map to be perfect for sharpening your CQC skills and optimal for putting your new melee weapon, the tracker knife, to good use.  Central Command commends you fine soldiers who have put your KDR on the line to try out this map, and as always, with great risk comes great rewards—including a chance to earn a free UMP 45 by completing 10 matches on this mine (and mind) blowing map.  Lastly, don’t forget to document your epic One Man Army adventures on Dredge by using our brand-spankin’ new Video Capture option.  Once you’ve done that, submit your intel for a chance to win up to 75k NX in our YouTube Video contest. 

Brand New Blog WIll Now Feature Combat Arms Updates & News

Follow for updates on all Combat Arms related news all right here on

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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